Tuesday, February 9, 2010

More Snow...

Hi everyone. It's like deja vu here this week. Once again, I am home. Because of snow. It's ok though because I am very tired and home is ok today. Wish I had a few more days off though. Not been sleeping well sometimes so the rest is welcome. Hope you are all well and warm if you are snowed in this week. I spent the morning cleaning a little but won't be doing anything else.... just don't have the energy. Will rest and will be going back to work tomorrow. Hope all is well with all of you. A special hello to Sammy.... thanks for stopping by... I couldn't get on your blog to leave a comment. Hope you and your family are all doing well..... Hugs to you!

Am about to go rest for a while so will say goodbye for now. We are expecting another weather present on Thursday but they are not expecting it to be anything to worry about... hope not! Anyways... in case I don't get back on before the weekend.... HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!
Hugs to all..... Cecil


Diane@Diane's Place said...

Hey, Sis. The roads are clear here now, but some spots will be slick tonight after it gets dark, I'm sure. Made some great snow cream last night, and I'm making homemade enchiladas for supper tonight. I know you're not wild about Mexican but it sure smells good right now!

Hope to see you Saturday at the Valentine's banquet if not before, possible Wed. night at church.

Love you,


Sammy said...

We're all snowed in here in New York today! It's gonna be a long day! :-)

Happy Valentine's Day to you too, Cecil! Thanks for the shout-out. We're all doing great.


Jess said...

Love you!!!