Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hello Again.. My Friend...

Hello everyone. Needless to say, once again I have been AWOL.. for which I do apologize. We had VBS last week.. (you can see pics on Diane's blog)... and between work and then going to VBS, I have been exhausted to be honest with you. I went to Diane and Lamar's yesterday.. and Jessica and Munch and Jason's brother came down .. and Diane grilled hamburgers and hotdogs. It was really good. Jess let Munch play in her pool for a bit and then she had to go to work. I fell alseep on the couch and probably slept for an hour and a half... I was worn out. Today, I went and got us sandwiches for lunch and managed to stay awake all day.. lol... Diane worked on my blog a bit... thank you very much, m'aam!! And I wanted to come on and leave a few words and say hi to all. Hopefully, everything is settled for a bit... except the weather... it is suffocatingly hot right now.... and will probably be that way until November! no joke... But I guess we'll make it through..... I pray that all of our air conditioners hold up!!

Not much else going on here right now.... How are all of you? Can't blame anyone if they don't stop by... I've just been so busy, I couldn't come on... hope you all will stick with me... Guess I'll go for now... Hugs to all, Cecil

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